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Uraraka Reboot? [My Hero Academia 212]

Me thinks this and last chapter were supposed to be one full chapter, ye fellow readers.

Uraraka couldn’t find a mic, so she dropped the hat instead.

What’s there to say? Not much happened.

We get a Uraraka flashback that explains why she wants to become a hero. But, it was already established she did so to financially support her parents. Did Horikoshi screw up? Maybe. Giving him the benefit of the doubt, people can and do have more than one reason why they do things. But, that being said, the flashback would’ve been less rebooty if he mentioned her wanting the money too. Perhaps say she needed a high paying job and picked being a hero because it makes people happy. Bam! Less confusing. Then again, I think something’s up with Hori. The guy is either bone tired from working on a side project like the next MHA movie or something similar.

Who knew Uraraka also had a recon quirk?

Deku gets brainwashed and— Hm. I guess I’ll give Uraraka points for jumping in to help Deku but her flashback didn’t really warrant what she did. Yeah, she loves helping people and helped Deku but the moment wasn’t grand enough. It wasn’t all about Uraraka. It was Uraraka telling Shinso to use his quirk. A good moment from her taking charge, but not quite worthy of a flashback. My guess, Hori put the flashback in as padding. If true, what a shame.

Okay, Deku gets brainwashed and meets what I presume is Shimura’s teacher, the Sixth One For All user. An energetic guy, chiding Deku for not instantly mastering this new power. Maybe give the kid some warning next time. Maybe something more specific instead of calling him a singularity. Maybe, I don’t know, TELL him exactly what’s happening with One For All so it doesn’t go berserk and put his fellow classmates in danger. Come on, Sixth, give the kid a break!

Glad I’m not the only one with voices in their head.

And that’s the chapter.

As a side note, I hope Horikoshi gets plenty of rest during the holidays. What’s more, I hope the people at Shounen Jump put him on Oda’s schedule. I’d rather wait longer for chapters and have Horikoshi at his best than this 13/14 page Bleach size plot advancement we’re getting now. Don’t kill your cash cow Jump. Don’t destroy this talented person. Get your shit together.

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