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Too Nice to Be Good [My Hero Vigilantes 69]

Mr. Nomura is No. 6.

There, I said it.

Now, press this button to trade your Zacian for my Skwovet.

Look, y’all. This could be the reason No. 6’s face was mostly obscured every time we saw him just so we’d be surprised with this big reveal. Take a look at this:


Similar hair. Similar body type. It’s certainly possible, right? I mean, come on! Are we to believe Mr. Nomura just happened to run into Pop Step when she was in trouble? Nah! He’s been keeping tabs on her and intervened to stop those RPG thugs just to gain her trust.

Hey, I know those guys. Go back to Dragon Quest!

So, why does the Manager own a hero license if he’s evil, you ask? Easy, No. 6 is obsessed with O’Clock. He wants to prove he’s the better hero, but for now, he’s going after Pop Step and through her, Koichi. Don’t forget Koichi is the one acknowledged by Knuckleduster as his successor. No. 6 wants nothing more than taking him down as proof he’s O’Clock’s true successor. It’s evil, screwed-up, and kinda convoluted, but that’s No. 6 for you.

Or, I could be wrong, but let’s not think about that. Shhh!

Not much else happened in this chapter. Mr. Nomura spots Pop singing on the street in normal clothes and offers to be her producer. I find it interesting Pop was willing to dump her Pop Step persona and start over. That takes guts, I’ll give her that.

I’m sure absolutely nothing will go wrong during that show. Nope, nothing at all.

An okay chapter. Typical Vigilantes chapter, moving things along at a calm pace. I’m really rooting for Pop to achieve her singing career. And, we got a time table for the last Narufest happening in about two months in-universe. Will it be another Sky-Egg type debacle or just a fanservice party? Heck if I know! I’m too busy finding parallels between No. 6 and Nomura. Nomura? Nomu. Oh! This just keeps getting better and better! I mean it’s bad but my theory— You know what I mean!

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