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Nana: Warrior Princess [My Hero Academia 257]


Wowzers! You know you’re buff when Wonder Woman looks lanky compared to you.

Speaking of Nana Shimura, did you notice that symbol on her belt buckle? The one that looks like an upside-down A? It turns out the mathematical symbol can be read as for all. Interesting, right? For All. Could that be Nana’s hero name? And could the All Might codename be Toshinori’s homage to his fallen master? Hm…

And, what’s up with Toshinori wanting to visit Stain? Does he simply want to learn everything the Hero Killer knows about the League or is there something else? Could dear old Stainy’s original desire to become a hero stem from one of the Past Users? …Nah! I don’t think Stain’s that old. All Might’s been a hero for decades, after all. But, could Stain be related to one of the Past Users? Hmm…

When did Bart Simpson join U.A.?

While on the subject of Past Users, we (mostly) know the official line of succession: The First, Hidden 2nd, Hidden 3rd (Oji Harima?), Scar Guy (4), Lariat (5), Nana’s Twink Master (6), Nana (7), All Might (8), and Deku (9). And, like most of us fans guessed, All For One took them all down. Funny how the Evil Overlord left them alive just long enough to pass their power to another. Almost as if he wants them to. Oh, yeah, my friends, All For One’s been playing the long game. Toshinori himself said AFO’s obsessed with One For All. He wants that quirk in a bad way, y’all. And, he’s gonna keep letting its power build until he’s ready to claim it for himself. TL;DR: All For One’s gonna make a power play for One For All and will probably try to use Shigaraki to do it.

I love that death flaggy conversation between Aizawa and Toshinori. This may be the first time those two had a heart-to-heart. First and last time I’m guessing. Hey! Don’t @ me! I’m just calling it as I see it. Besides, you don’t know my Twitter handle, heh heh.

Super Shiggy, All For One, the PLF, High-Ends, and the U.A. Traitor all think you for jinxing yourself.

A great chapter. The art was terrific, the plot took its time centering on the main characters for what could be the last wholesome chapter in a long while, and Eri’s training her quirk! So, what’s up with the heroes vanishing from the city, you ask? It’s probably the Paranormal Liberation Front making their move. Or, it could be them getting the hell out of Super Shigaraki’s way because it’s now March and he’s about to complete his upgrade and dust the entire city. Yikes! Good thing I moved near UA Academy. Nothing bad will ever happen there. Nope, nothing at all.



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2 replies on “Nana: Warrior Princess [My Hero Academia 257]”

I have this thought in my head; something I feel has actual evidence behind it. I think that All For One is trying to steal Tomura’s body. Evidence being:
1) His current body is all beat to sh!t. I mean; the fights with previous users must have messed him up. His first, off screened fight against All Might turned his once somewhat decent face into most 4 year old’s knee caps, not to mention the damage he sustained. And the damage he got in Kamino Ward?
2) Why is he having Ujiko do so much work on Tomura? Why is he having Ujiko give him a power that surpasses his own. All For One clearly wants to rule the world; Tomura LITERALLY wants everything turned to dust. Why would he empower someone that may one day be the greatest threat to his rule?
3) You’re own thoughts on AFO using him to make a move at stealing OFA.
You know somewhere in that conglomerate of quirks he has in stock; at least 1 is a body swaping quirk. He probably had something like this planned from the start. But he didn’t have the right subject…….until Nana gave him one.
I was kind of hoping for one more arc before whe got to THIS, but……oh well. Here we go!

Yeah, I totally agree. AFO was using Shigaraki from the start, that’s the kind of manipulative guy he is. He even gave him his last name!

BUT, Shigaraki is being setup as the final villain of the series. Meaning, AFO will fail and most likely be killed by the true big bad of the manga, Shigaraki. And, seeing as Shiggy isn’t the most stable guy in the world, AFO betraying him will push him past the point of no return.

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