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Is That Papa Kaminari? [My Hero Academia 258]

Did you take out the trash?
His name’s Mineta, dad.

Check out the lightning bolt hair and eye pupils. If my theory about the Kaminaris being a part of the Liberation Army is true then I can see a member of their family in a high-ranking position like Adviser.

Normally, something like that would be the juiciest part of a chapter but there’s just so much info to cover. So sit back, relax, and enjoy the beginning of the biggest battle to happen in My Hero Academia since the Class A girls caught Mineta rubbing his junk on an old potato chip bag Momo threw away.

I’d like to thank Horikoshi for two important things in this chapter:

One, Why the Liberation Army was so weak back when they first fought the League of Villains in Deika City. And, two, acknowledging a number of people aren’t happy about the merger with the LoV. Finally! Things are making more sense. You can’t just have an evil organization join your sorta evil (Or, at least, fanatic) organization and have everyone be fine with it. THAT little detail will become a problem for Team Shigaraki at some point.

I know you’re upset, Toga. But, you can’t expect R2D2 to give up the Death Star plans to someone he just met.

We saw a lot of new Paranormal Liberation Army people, but no visual on Sanctum, the longest-serving member of the Liberation Army. We don’t even know what their job is. Hm… I can’t wait to learn what she/he/they is all about.

Giran was also mentioned but a no show. I have no doubt he’s busy working on supplying the PLF with support gear. Not really a big theory. It’s kinda his thing.

We learn the gist of the PLF’s plan. It’s basically what we figured out a long time ago: Throw the country into chaos and have Re-Destro pick up the pieces. And, of course, for that to happen Japan’s protectors, the heroes, gotta go. Thank goodness the heroes are taking the initiative and attacking first. Too bad that won’t go as planned.

I don’t see Kamui Woods, Mt. Lady, Edgeshot, or Yoroi Musha. Hm…

What? Did you think it would end with the heroes winning? Even if Hawks was able to I.D. every hero traitor (I’m hoping Detective Tsukauchi used his quirk to help.), there’s still the matter of Super Shiggy and the erasure bullets. And now that we learned Twice spilled the beans about Shigaraki’s power up to Hawks, it’s not hard to imagine Skeptic and Re-Destro taking extra precautions in case Hawks tries to betray them. Say what you will about the Liberation Army, but they ain’t stupid, y’all.

I loved Hawks taking Twice’s quirk seriously. Honestly, I can’t believe I never thought of the idea of Twice making High-End clones! What a deliciously nasty plan! That alone would be enough to wreck at least half of the heroes’ forces. And, that’s an optimistic estimate. Oh, yes, Twice has gotta be taken off the board. I don’t think Hawks will kill him but he’ll definitely make it a point to capture him when it’s time to finish his undercover mission.

Twice? Leading the tactics team? Re-Destro needs to lay off the medicinal marijuana.

What a glorious chapter! We set the stage for the huge turning point battle, traitors in the Paranormal Liberation Army, and new characters about to throw down against the heroes. You can bet your sweet bippy a team will be hunting for Shigaraki before he awakens, but we know it’ll be too late. It’s gonna be nuts seeing how much the game will change after this arc.

Is it the final arc as some people are saying? No. Think of it as the Marineford Arc in One Piece. This will be the big battle where the good guys lose, we’ll see major impacts on main characters, and the world, in general, will continue on towards the real final battle. Get ready kids, because things are about to get spicy. And, salty, and just a little bit sour.

Oh, crap, now I’m hungry. Anyone got any potato chips?

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2 replies on “Is That Papa Kaminari? [My Hero Academia 258]”

What to say, what to say?…………Yeah; definitely a Marineford style arc rather than an endgame thing. THAT will be on a much larger scale, in a much bigger place, with the whole world watching the chaos.
Really? “Mineta rubbing his balls on a chip bag?” Man…….that was funny.

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