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75% Complete, 2% Skim Milk [My Hero Academia 283]

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Strap in, kiddos and kiddettes. We’ve got a lot to talk about.

He’s got a Freddy Krueger quirk. RUN!

Whose dead? Seriously. I don’t know. Majestic? Gang Orca? Fat Gum? Okay, maybe not Fat Gum. Or, Gang Orca. Or, Suneater for that matter. But, most of the unnamed heroes’ fates are up in the air. And, even the heroes we personally know and love may sustain terrible injuries forcing them to take a leave of absence. Maybe for a few weeks. Maybe permanently.

Remember when I said Horikoshi wouldn’t let Gigantomachia rampage through a bunch of cities? Yeah…um…I was wrong. Granted, there was an emergency alert so many of those cities’ civilians will hopefully have time to escape, but city folk will die. How many? Well, I wouldn’t be surprised when all is said and done that this will be the biggest loss of life Japan’s had in decades.

Shigaraki hoping he didn’t miss Coachella

I’d go further to say that this incident is the final straw where the Police Commissioner General enacts whatever hero alternative plan he’s been possibly working on. Most of the strongest heroes being hurt or dead will contribute to this decision. Sentinels incoming?

But, not all the heroes are dead. There’s still the students of UA who survived their encounter with Mr. Quirk Collage himself, Gigantomachia. Hm…I wonder if Horikoshi is setting up the UA student B-Team as the ones who will ultimately take down Giggy, with this being their trial run, so to speak. It’s not like a bunch of random heroes are taking Giganto down, may as well be a team of UA students in the final arc. One last acknowledgement these kids are now true heroes ready to take on the world!

I respond the same way to people telling me to exercise

Gotta say, I love Shigaraki having his strength increased just to handle the All For One quirk. That never occurred to me his body would have trouble handling all those quirks. It makes even more sense considering AFO (the man) wanted OFA so badly. It was to protect himself from quirk singularity. Yeah, I made that connection before but I didn’t realize the same would be true for Shigaraki until it was explained in this chapter. And, guess what, y’all? That gives Shigaraki a very rational reason for getting OFA. To complete his body and allow him to handle as many quirks as he wants! Yikes!

That would also explain why AFO’s quirks were noticeably different in Kamino compared to the first time he fought All Might according to Gran Torino. Maybe AFO had to dump a bunch of them because he body was too damaged after the fight to hold most of them. Hm…

Very convenient of Deku activating Nana Shimura’s Float quirk right when he needed it most. Well, I think I know the in-universe reason for that. I think the Users inside One For All decide when Deku gets their quirks. And, given the situation, Nana choose to give Deku her quirk when he needed it most. Makes sense to me. Now dry those B.S. tears and delete that mean tweet you were gonna send Horikoshi about Deku receiving Float at the perfect time. You jerks!

I bet riding on Giganto is like the first time I rode an electric bike. Minus, the total carnage, of course. …Of…course…

This was a good chapter! In fact, it was even better the second time I read it. We’re nearing the end of the arc and it looks like it’s gonna end with a bang. Well, end with a punch, because it looks like Deku’s going 100%! And, with that we add another terrible consequence to this arc. But, that’s okay, I’m sure Deku is getting some kind of healing-ish quirk for his arms. Either that, or it’s leg and butt smashes only in the final arc.

Horikoshi, you better call Deku’s butt attack the Oakland Smash or else!

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