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♫You Know You Make Me Breakout…Of Prison♫ [My Hero Academia 298]

Hahahaha! Oh, All For One. You sneaky mothertrucker.

Yeah, I have that same problem with YouTube unsubscribing channels I follow. Just hit the notification bell, Spinner.

That’s right my fellow My Hero fans. Instead of one prison breakout, we got seven. That’s a lot of chaos distracting the authorities, all the while keeping the tippy-top most powerful criminals from Tartarus close as AFO’s new goon squad (Note that none of the feature convicts from last chapter are seen attacking other prisons.). Or, maybe the better term is army. Hmm…

But wait! Seven other prisons were attacked but only six had additional convicts escaping. What could that mean, you ask? Well, I think the guards from that last prison may have gotten some unexpected help from a few notable detainees: Rappa, Gentle, and La Brava!

Ah! He said Todoroki instead of Icy Hot. According to Twitter, that means they’re married.

Yep! I was wondering how those three could comeback into the story when they’re probably not locked up in Tartarus, and this is the perfect opportunity for that to happen. Think about it, Rappa, Gentle, and La Brava help fend off the attack and either get their sentences shortened or are put into a Suicide Squad type program where they can still have their prison time shortened by doing several off-the-book jobs for the Commissioner General of the National Police Agency. It’s a completely baseless theory right now, but I can’t think of any other reason why that one prison was so well protected.

Okay, okay, I can think of several (Powerful guards, an experimental robot guard, an important hero or heroes Horikoshi will introduce later into the story, etc.) But, I like my theory better.

Did OG AFO kill those guards he forced to pilot the helicopters? I hope not. One of them could be Seiji Shishikura’s (The guy with the Meatball quirk from the Provisional License Exam Arc) father according to the second My Hero Academia data book.

Thanks to cross-promotion we’re introduced to the newest Sonic the Hedgehog character, Dr. Danny the Dino.

I’m been barking about Endeavor’s hero career being over but with OG AFO and a huge load of prisoners escaping I may have to rethink that. He can’t retire with all that happening PLUS Team Shigaraki still on the loose. Whether he wants to or not, I don’t see the Hero Safety Commission accepting his resignation just yet.

Gran Torino’s still alive, y’all. Is he surviving then going into retirement (His injuries are too severe for him to stay on active hero duty.), or is the plot waiting for Deku to wake first to hear the old hero’s final goodbye? I don’t know, but I’m still waiting for my Gran Torino/Nana Shimura flashback, Horikoshi!

Oh! Could that be Mama Todoroki herself, Rei, visiting an injured Shoto at the hospital? Yes. It probably is. Not much of a mystery there, just wanted to point it out.

So, Deku’s still asleep. Could we be getting more backstory on the One For All quirk from the 1st User? I hope so. Also, as a side note, Deku really needs to tell Inko about One For All. Just come clean, dude. Maybe knowing you have All Might’s old quirk will help her worry less. Just don’t tell her about AFO yet.

I’m shocked Momo’s got bags under her eyes. Normally, she forces her servants to carry them.

This was a good chapter. Very unexpected turn with convicts from other prisons escaping and Rei possibly showing up at the hospital. I said I was looking forward to the raid aftermath and kiddies, I’m not disappointed! Horikoshi’s feeding us well right now and I’m hungry for more. But, no salt please, Hori. Unless it’s more Mineta tears. Yummy yum yum!

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2 replies on “♫You Know You Make Me Breakout…Of Prison♫ [My Hero Academia 298]”

Yeah; Gran Torino is probably going to retire. If he didn’t die immediately; I didn’t think he was going to die at all. Although now; I’m starting to think Deku will wake up and Torino will already be dead.
I feel like Endeavor will have to take a little more of a “back seat” role in terms of being a Hero- much like Rag Doll. Both because……he CANNOT be the Number 1 Hero right now. Like- Dabi’s video just made his approval ratings go down the toilet. But you’re right; he can’t just quit cold turkey. And I don’t think he’ll want to. He’s gotta take of Dabi, too.
I think we might be seeing the 4th User rather than the first. It WAS his quirk that got unlocked recently. We might be learning a little more about him.

Sure, I can see Endeavor giving up or losing the Number 1 slot to Best Jeanist but the world is too chaotic right now for him to retire.

Now that I think about it, it would be a good time for Nana to tell her story to Deku with Gran Torino signing off on it after he wakes up.

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