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Fugitive Follies [My Hero Vigilantes 97]

Turbo Hero: Ingenium, you ain’t sh*t!

And here I thought most of this chapter would build up Ingenium as this great speedster hero only for The Crawler to shut him down. Nope! Apparently, you aren’t worth the pages, Tensei. Koichi’s speed and vertical mobility are just too much for you to handle now.

That’s right, Y’all. Koichi’s a high-tier quirk user, so only the best heroes have a chance at stopping him. But Detective Tsukauchi wouldn’t send Top 10 heroes to hunt down a simple vigilante with an excellent reputation only trying to help his frien—Oh, wait. Nevermind.

Geez, Tsukauchi! At this point, I’m surprised he hasn’t called All Might to kick Koichi in the junk.
“Even With Your GrubHub Order Getting Cold Outside Your Door…”

Hi Best Jeanist and Edgeshot! I’ll give all the heroes credit, at least they know The Crawler’s a good person and are only doing this to “help” Koichi. And, yeah, I get it. Our favorite vig seems to be in over his head protecting Pop Step against a very dangerous and powerful villain gunning for her. It’s a shame Tsukauchi screwed up negotiations because with these heroes helping to protect Pop, Number 6 wouldn’t stand a chance.

The chapter ends with Eraser Head confronting The Crawler. Can we expect a dragged out slugfest against these two technical fighters? Of course, not! They’re friends. Aizawa’s actually the most likely hero to help Koichi along with Midnight. You think he’s been keeping tabs on this whole situation just to arrest Koichi? Have a little more faith in the guy. No, he’s gonna make The Crawler give him the full story as to what’s going on, then help him make the best decision going forward. That’s Aizawa, baby. Again, like Midnight, he’s a good friend.

Calm down, Aizawa. It’s Naruhata, not an Exxon board members meeting.

This was a wonderful chapter! We got to see The Crawler testing his skills against some well-known heroes and even though he would’ve lost to Best Jeanist and Edgeshot if they were fighting seriously, just to casually escape two Top 10 heroes makes Koichi look like quite the powerhouse himself. Hmm… I wonder what book Aizawa was reading? Let me just zoom in and… Kardashian Konfidential!? How could you, Aizawa!

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2 replies on “Fugitive Follies [My Hero Vigilantes 97]”

Aizawa- being the “Highly Rational Thinker” that he is- would help out Koichi when he gets the full story. But I also feel like he wouldn’t make it so obvious to Koichi. He IS a Pro Hero- he has a job to do. I think he might see Vigilantes like he an Knuckle Duster as “Necessary Evils” at this point and help them in minute ways- not letting them get away, per say; just giving them hints to help them evade them.
As for any advice he could give Koichi……..”Go for the legs?” This IS a Speedster he’s up against in No 6……

I sorta agree but it has to be obvious Aizawa is helping because there’s no way Koichi can be him without using his quirk. Either Aizawa lets Koichi go or someone saves him.

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