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Deku’s Bizarre Adventure [My Hero Academia 313]

A pretty straight forward chapter this week.

All For One also gave Lady Nagant a Nordstrom gift card. Who says you can’t look good violently kidnapping a child?

Let’s start with the biggest revelation: The Third’s Fajin quirk. It wasn’t explained nor used much but from what I can gather it’s some sort of energy emission quirk. Dark energy carrying Deku’s objects, creating decoys so Mr. Ninth could take Lady Nagant by surprise. Nice. Honestly, I’m not sure what else Deku can do with the quirk. Shoot it out as a long range attack? I’m really blanking on what Deku can do with this against Shigaraki. But, no matter. I’m sure Fajin at full power is much more useful than what we’ve seen here. Fajin the Jojo Stand incoming?

Yikes! I hope your car insurance company covers rocket spike crashes, All Might.

Um… That’s about it.

Toshinori threw up another death flag, reminding the audience of his determination to protect Deku at all costs. Congratulations, Toshinori! That’s marks your 100th death flag in the manga. Here’s a coupon for a free horrific demise long predicted by your former sidekick. AND a free e-book of your choice. I strongly suggest you redeem the e-book first.

All(most) Might called the Top 3 on his phone so I guess they’ll show soon enough. Okay. That’s nice. Maybe I should talk about Lady Nagant’s slick boots for a couple minutes? Nah. Better end it here.

WARNING! Fart joke incoming in 3…2…1…

This was a decent chapter. It moved the plot forward, so that’s good. I also liked how each of the OFA predecessors refer to Deku differently. Nana calls him Izuku, En calls his Ninth, Banjo calls him Kid and so on. Myself? I enjoy calling him Megatron, but only on Thursdays between 6am and 4pm.

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4 replies on “Deku’s Bizarre Adventure [My Hero Academia 313]”

Maybe the 3rd’s quirk works like a Kiai “Invisible Blast” from the “Dragon Ball” franchise- an invisible burst of energy that pushed against someone. Maybe he’ll be able to do a “push” like that. And in conjunction with “Air Force;” it might just do enough damage to wear down an incomplete Tomura. Especially when he gets into the upper percentages like 70+.
Lady Nagant is HOT. THERE; I Said It. She’s UNBELIEVABLY beautiful!!! That had nothing to do with this comment- I just needed to get that off my chest.
Yo…………All Might is about to kick the bucket- HARD. Which I guess would mean something bad is about to happen to Izuku himself, huh?

Interesting theory on Fajin. I’m really stumped on how it works other than its an emission type quirk. But, I do agree we’ll see it’s real incarnation once Deku gets stronger.

Feel free to say who you think is hot whenever, wherever on this blog. You wanna tell me you love Lady Nagant in a One Piece comment section, go right ahead. Simping is allowed here, ha!

Not sure if All Might is gonna die in the next few chapters but Hori dropping another death flag is a sign it’s coming at some point. I’m guess either one of the Top 3 will save All Might if can can’t save himself. …Or maybe Stain???? Hm….

IT’S NOT SIMPING!! But thank you, in any case. As for Stain saving All Might- Highly Possible. Almost Absolutely Certain that he’ll saved Deku and All Might at some point. In fact; he might be WORKING with All Might as is. He probably made contact after Tartarus, and now Stain is looking for leads on All For One and Tomura in “his own” way. Maybe that’s how All Might gets tips about Villain activity with connections to AFO.

I don’t know if they’re working THAT closely but who knows. We still don’t know what those two talked about together.

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