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Take a Bite Outta Crime [One Piece 1026]

It’s official. Luffy’s top-tier!

When superpowered fighters face-off, their clash is strong enough to split the heavens (or floating water droplets if you wanna get technical). It finally happened with Luffy. This is a massive milestone. This act confirms Luffy reached endgame levels of power. That only the strongest in the world can hope to defeat him now. Oh, how my little rubber boy has grown! *sniff*

This also means Sanji and Zoro will soon reach that level. They and Luffy are the Monster Trio, after all. If Luffy’s standing on the highest plateau, his two wingmen are destined to follow.

Today’s Forecast: Cloudy, with a chance of butt whoppin’
Kaido’s gonna need a rabies shot

Show, don’t tell. Luffy’s giving Momo courage through his actions, not just words. Good thing too, since Momo will have to either wrestle control over the floating Onigashima from Kaido and/or prevent it from crashing on top of the Flower Capital, killing everyone there. THAT, kiddos, is how Momo wins the respect and acceptance of the citizens of Wano. No one’s objecting to him becoming Shogun after doing that!

Cat Viper & Dogstorm won their barely shown fights. Sure, okay.

Orochi’s still on Onigashima. Sure, okay.

Tenguyama Hitetsu could secretly be a Lunarian. Sure, ok—WHAT?! That’s quite the random thought I just got. He does have wings and wears a mask like King. Hmm…

And thus Jack ends his underwhelming journey getting KO’d by a supporting character. Why does Kaido keep you around again?

This was a great chapter! Luffy a big dog now. Woof! How could I give this chapter anything less? Our Straw Hat captain isn’t some n00b challenging the big kids. He’s a big boy himself. Now, if only Luffy got potty trained and stopped drinking juice out of a sippy cup, he’d truly walk amongst the older kids.

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