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Where For Art Thou, Captain Celebrity? [My Hero Academia 328]

Well, hello there U.S. Number One.

Was not expecting to see America’s top hero in this chapter. And I sure wasn’t expecting them to be Star And Stripe. She called All Might “Master”. Was she his student once? Just how long did All Might live in the States before returning to Japan? 6 years? 10 years? 15 years? I sense a flashback coming.

All Might looks good in drag

And what’s her quirk? She’s standing on a stealth fighter jet flying to Japan. That’s quite a feat! Magnetism? Solar Powered (like Superman)? Apple Pie? I can’t wait to find out.

Stain tore off his chin to kill that guy. Hardcore.

Only three days left before Shigaraki’s body reaches 100%? Yikes! It’s really hitting home this series is in the endgame. A pity. I feel like there’s so many adventures Deku and friends could’ve gone on before reaching this point. Hero tournaments, going abroad, fighting an A.I. arc boss, the My Hero world has so much untapped potential left. A shame it won’t be fully utilized.

Crime syndicates, huh? Is All For One planning to literally take over the world with their help? I wouldn’t put it past him. A global threat would be a good way of ending the series. It’s either that or the crime syndicates are secretly trying to throw AFO the biggest birthday party ever.

You have the right to remain sexy!

This was a good chapter! I’m still uneasy about the 3 day time limit, but hopefully MHA goes out with a big bang. And, hey, 3 days can last dozens of chapters, so don’t count the series out yet. Nor Captain Celebrity. Come on, Cap! Just what rank are you? You better be in the top 5. Top 10, at least. Maybe he retired to become a full-time movie actor? Look for The Fast Womanizer & The Furious, coming to theaters soon.

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2 replies on “Where For Art Thou, Captain Celebrity? [My Hero Academia 328]”

You’re right; there are so many stories left to tell in this series. I thought we’d get at least 1 MORE Sports Festival before it was all said and done. Then again; I also don’t think the series is going to END end here. The “Academia” portion may be done for REAL this time. But I think we WILL see them acting as full on Heroes in their adult years………I keep saying that, but it becomes less and less likely each time….
Her quirk………yeah; probably something like Superman. Something super duper powerful. And as for being All Might’s “student;” I’m not sure. She could just mean it like “He was my inspiration,” or she could actually mean that he was her teacher. Either way; she’s better at referencing All Might than that d@mn nerd!! Izuku’s first suit was simply a parody, and now he’s even LESS like All Might!

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