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It’s Not You, It’s Me [My Hero Academia 348]

You know what they say: The shorter the skirt, the sharper the knife.

The love gloves are off. Time to get serious. But, hey! I’ll give Toga huge respect points for confessing to Deku. That took guts…from someone wanting to take Deku’s guts. Wearing your heart on your sleeve can be hard for many, including myself. Toga, you’re insane, but you’re confident. If only she’d met the League of Podcasters instead of Villains, she could host her own self-help show.

So, what do we call them? Izuga? Todoriya? Demiko?
Playing Elden Ring at 2 a.m.

A bit of a shame, the only main female member of the League is motivated solely by love. Most shonen writers seem to use that trait way too much for female characters. In the end, it’s how you make an idea your own, that’s what counts. And, I’m pretty satisfied with Toga as an antagonist. Let’s hope Horikoshi can stick the landing.

Twice’s blood. What exactly will Toga do with it? Something creative and unexpected? Probably not. Call me a cynic, but I think Toga will simply create a mob of herself and attack Uravity and Froppy. Hope I’m wrong, though. This is Toga, Uravity and Froppy’s last fight. I truly want it to be as grand as possible.

Froppy talked! Good job crawling back from Background Character Hell.

This was a good chapter! Deku’s reaction to Toga’s confession was nice, as well as Toga’s facial expressions. So, how long will it take for Deku to reach U.A.? Easy, about as long as it’ll take for Horikoshi to focus enough on the other fights. Either that, or Deku takes a bathroom break. Seriously, Deku? You should’ve done that before the mission started. Kids…

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2 replies on “It’s Not You, It’s Me [My Hero Academia 348]”

She’s totally going to tell Uraraka to confess to Deku, isn’t she? I don’t see her dying, so before she’s hauled off; she’s going to tell Uraraka “If I can do it- so can you.” I hope the confession doesn’t come during the Final Battle. Save that for later, please!
She clearly expected that to happen, and I believe that she WAS prepared for rejection- but I think that still hurt her. Deku’s gonna have to apologize for that one.
Considering the Narrator specifically called Izuku a “D@mned Nerd;” do you think BAKUGO is going to be the narrator for a minute like Spinner was?

Not sure about the narrator. Was that Horikoshi’s voice or Bakugo? I would like more context on the original Japanese words and meaning. Might be something we’re missing.

I like the Uraraka/Deku relationship. Mostly because both have feelings for each other and if feels natural. It’s a shame their relationship couldn’t evolve more over time. I really would’ve like seeing them dating. Or even trying to balance their romance and school life. But, oh well…

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