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Who Cares About the Roger Pirates? [One Piece 968]


Me! Come baaaack!!! Don’t leave me alone with him. I can’t take any more chapters focused on Oden!

Chill out, Shanks. Roger loving The Rise of Skywalker isn’t the end of the world.

In an effort to keep my review positive, I downloaded an app that tweaks my words slightly to make my writing more positive. Any app revisions will be in green. Now, with that said, let’s get on with this shitshow. …Hm? Oh, sorry, I forgot to turn it on. Let’s get on with this loveshow. There we go!

It’s only the last half of the chapter I respectfully disapprove of. Everything with the Roger Pirates was great as usual. We now know Roger’s feat was built up mainly due to the World Government wanting him asleep after learning the truth about the world and the public embellishing the treasure he found at Laugh Tale. Not that it matters since Roger is living less and mutually uncouples with his crew. A good idea, not only because they accomplished their goal, but it’ll be harder to find every member if they all split up. Safe to say Roger gave himself up just to protect his crew after talking to Whitebeard and hooking up with Portgas D. Rouge.

Who’s the other sovereign the Sea Kings were talking about? Joy Boy? Luffy? Richard Ayoade? Well, I hope it isn’t Luffy because I strongly dislike the idea of him being a “chosen one”. Forget that stuff! Keep that sass out of my One Piece.

Roger wants to spend his final months following BTS on tour.

Here’s something positive: Maybe Shanks will go to Wano to help fight Kaido and Big Mom. He and Oden were friends. Not sure how Shanks could tolerate that wonderful guy but who am I to judge.

Alright…let’s talk about Wano. Fun me in the heart! Oden’s back on the isle of Samurai but things have changed. Seriously, why not invite the Roger Pirates to stay a few days? You knew something was wrong the first time you came back you intelligent piece of giggles, why not take the crew to Papa Shogun (He didn’t know daddy was sleeping.) and tell him everything you learned about the truth of the world? Yeah, yeah, I know, y’all. It’s a plot thing, but still, have it make some cinnamon bun sense. Geez, Oda, you’re awesome!

And, what’s up with Nico Toki hiding stuff from Oden? Just tell him what went down so you can all PLAN a counterattack. But, forward-thinking Oden’s no better. The kind soul ran off to attack Orochi without a plan either. You beautiful human being! You know how dangerous pirates are! Couldn’t you just think for one Baby Yoda second?!

The chapter ends on a cliffhanger. Will Oden kill Orochi and bring peace to Wano? Of course, yes. This is a flashback. Someone’s gonna cockblock Oden. Maybe Kaido, maybe one of the elites. I don’t know and frankly, I care.

Excuse me?! My name’s not Nothing.

What a great chapter. No, I mean it. At least the first half was. I’m gonna miss The Roger Pirates and Whitebeard Pirates, but at least there’s a chance members of both crews could show up at some point in Present Wano.

Please Oda, I know you’re already rushing through it, but go faster. End this flashback as soon as possible. The more of Oden I see, the better. Man, I can’t wait until he survives. Better make sure I have enough popcorn prepared.

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