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Shadow Bird Flu, But Dabi Can Too [My Hero Academia 271]

“Should we get started early?” Hm…what does Dabi mean? And, note that he said we. Could my theory Dabi was recruiting his own separate team all this time instead of for the League of Villains be true?

Tokoyami got a part-time job working at Uber Eats

Oh, my sweet Dabi. You really need an ice quirk to unlock your full fire potential, don’t you? Everything you do screams you’re getting one. And, hey! It’d be kinda fun seeing an ice/fire Dabi going up against his hero counterpart, Todoroki.

Tokoyami was great in this chapter. Saving Hawks, escaping Fat Gum’s tummy, this guy is on the road to hitting the Top 10 in the future along with Class A’s Big Three.

Sure, he looks cool, but Dabi only learned how to fly because he’s jealous of Geten.

And, poor Hawks. He’s doomed. Yeah, it’s possible he can survive his injuries, but what’s left plot wise for him to do? Hawks passing his knowledge about Dabi is a great send-off to the character. Not to mention, Dabi needs a win, and killing the #2 Hero gives him some much-needed street cred.

Twice, you lovable bastard! I’d hoped you were still alive by some miracle but I guess that’s a big no. Of course, the question now is whether the Double quirk will live on in Toga? Horikoshi gave her the ability to copy powers along with looks for a reason. This could be where he ultimately goes with it. Or, Twice’s death is where Spinner will step up and become the true Big Bad of the series! Or, not. Don’t judge me.

It’s hard not mentioning COVID-19 when characters are saying stuff like this.

This was a good chapter. Tokoyami and Dabi are always a treat to see. And, even if Hawks survives, his hero career is done. Plus, Gigantomachia stood up. Oh shit! You know what this means? His leather pants are chafing! Mr. Compress told Re-Destro not to order them online but he wouldn’t listen. The cheap bastard.

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2 replies on “Shadow Bird Flu, But Dabi Can Too [My Hero Academia 271]”

Where ya been, man? I missed your comedy!
I also enjoyed this chapter. It makes me think that Todoroki won’t be fighting Dabi alone when they fight next.
Hawks will die. Dark Shadow told us his back’s been completely burned off. So barring some “All For One Level” life support system; this is the last we’ll see of him.
That said; I think the idea you had a few chapters ago about Hawks tape recorder revealing Dabi’s identity is plausible. Or he could live long enough to tell Endeavor himself.

My computer’s HDD decided it didn’t want to live on this planet anymore and went bye-bye. Anyway, I’m back and ready throw theories against the wall until one of them sticks!

But, yeah, without spoiling the later chapters, I’m really loving this arc so far. I knew it’d be a game changer but the ride itself is so much fun!

I can see Todoroki getting help against an upgraded Dabi but it at the end of the day he’s the one that’ll put a stop to him. It certainly won’t be Endeavor.

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