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One (Army) For All? [My Hero Academia 284]

*PSST!* Hey, Deku? This isn’t the final battle.

If case you were wondering… Yes, the carpet matches the drapes.

Sure, attacking Shigaraki at 100% is your only option right now, but the war’s not gonna end here. Better hope Eri has enough power and training to heal your limbs. Or, maybe, one of the OFA Users has some kind of healing quirk. Nothing to make you immune to using 100% without being ready, of course. That would defeat the purpose of your training. I’m talking just a little something that keeps your arms from turning into banana pudding.

Speaking of past One For All Users, what’s up with the 4th? What exactly did he do that’s keeping Toshinori from giving Deku the full story on him? My Hero fans on the internet have already noticed the 4th is the only User who doesn’t look all that beat up when he was passing his power. See:

So, what happened? Could Toshinori’s line about not only the wicked seeking power be a clue? Could the 4th had gone in a different direction than simply trying to overpower All For One? Actually, an Evil Overlord beatdown wouldn’t work at all since he’s just the 4th User and I doubt the One For All quirk was even half as strong as it is now. So, maybe the 4th sought out power through other means. Maybe he tried taking over the underworld himself or tried building an army. Maybe…he joined an army to help him accomplish his goal. A…Liberation Army?

W-what do you mean? I’m not pretending to like My Hero Academia just to date Mt. Lady cosplayers. Nope, not me.

Why not? The plan could’ve been helping Destro takeover the government then pooling the entire country’s resources into destroying All For One. Hm…that’s certainly a well-meaning but overall misguided grasp at gaining power.

Toshinori thinks he can help Deku keep OFA a secret. Nuh-uh! Not gonna happen. Deku will absolutely come clean about his power. Naturally, he won’t give everything away, but he’ll definitely admit he doesn’t simply have a super-strength quirk.

The chapter bringing up Kurogiri has me thinking just how much of his Shirakumo memories have returned. It’s been months in-universe since the big reveal Shigaraki’s babysitter was a Nomu with Shirakumo’s body as a base. Could Kurogiri be deprogrammed and willing to help the heroes at some point? Let’s hope so. It’s either that or him becoming Eri’s new babysitter after Aizawa dies.

Calm down, alright! I’m kidding!

That’s right, Deku. Hug. Hug the shit out of him!

This was a good chapter. I’m glad we got an explanation on how Deku can control Float easier than Blackwhip when it first manifested. And, I liked the Bakugo/Toshinori talk. Guess I should’ve said more about that but what’s there to say? Bakugo is becoming less of a piece of shit. We already knew this. And, guess what? I’m still waiting for him to officially apologize to Deku!

Just repeat after me, Bakugo. Say: “I’m sorry for being garbage and will donate a part of my income every year after becoming a hero to organizations battling bullying and cook you dinner every single night and wash your car if you every buy one because, let’s face it, you won’t need one because you’re super fast and strong, and I promise to name my first kid Deku if I have kids and if I don’t I’ll name my first pet after you instead.”

There. That wasn’t so bad, was it?

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One reply on “One (Army) For All? [My Hero Academia 284]”

I definitely think you’re right about the 4th user- he most likely took a more “unheroic” approach to defeating All For One. In that way; you could brand him the “Misguided Hero.” And I feel like teaming up with the Meta Liberation Army to accomplish this goal was probably plan A- which wouldn’t have been such a bad idea. But I feel like that’s not a big enough reason for him to keep it a secret. But maybe that plan failed and it was plan B that was “drastic.”

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