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Dinosaurs Attack the U.N. [One Piece 991]

See? I told you the Tobi Roppo are hot garbage. Two of them fighting Usopp and Nami are right at their pay grade.

Queen’s either shooting plague bullets, sea stone bullets, or cheap polyester t-shirts.

Yeah, yeah. Don’t @ me complaining Page One and Ulti are probably the weakest out of the group. I know, okay! My point is the Tobi Roppo aren’t fit to wipe the Monster Trio’s butts let alone fight them. I seriously doubt any of them are throwing hands against any Strawhat stronger than Sanji.

Blast Breath? Lame! What? Was Heat Wheeze already taken?

What does 10 minus 3 equal? Seven. Good job! So, yeah, there’re 7 Number monsters left. Seven crappy ancient giants left for the good guys to one or two-shot. Bleh! But, hey, these last 7 could pose a threat…somehow. Look at Haccha. No, seriously, look at him! Why does he look and dress so differently from the other Numbers we’ve seen? Could he and a few others only be part Ancient Giant? You know, like Haccha was originally a regular giant or something like that before Caesar Clown got his hands on him. Honestly, that theory is the most interesting thing about the Numbers right now.

Welcome back, Scratchmen Apoo! Always the hype man, never the hype, I see. Too bad you’re a dead man now that X. Drake and Zoro both have you in their sights. Don’t worry, though. I’ll be sure to play your favorite Lady Gaga song during your funeral. Um, what is it, by the way?

……Donatella?! Wow, you really are evil.

Oh, Mr. Jack the Drought. Poor, dear, Jacky Drought. You’re a Lead Performer/All-Star and you got off-screened. You know what that means, right? Yep, I’m kicking you out of the Opera Castle! Only the coolest mammoths reside here. And, baby… That’s. Not. You.

Kaido acknowledging their strength seconds before Cat Viper bites his tongue and cries.

This was a good chapter. It’s always nice to see Queen doing something, but Nami and Usopp stole the chapter for me. I can’t wait to see how they handle the Masked Morons. Or, better yet, off-screen the fight and show Usopp and Nami dancing on their graves next chapter. Just don’t have them Futsal Shuffle to Donatella. Please!

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