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I Know Why the Caged Villain Sings [My Hero Academia 344]

Divide and conquer.

That’s pretty much the chapter. Having Monoma use Kurogiri’s teleportation quirk to transport the caged villains to different locations. Good seeing Monoma, along with Shinso, play an important role in the final arc.

Yep. It’s confirmed Shinso brainwashed the Aoyama Family to bypass AFO’s lie detection quirk. Nice. I hope Shinso joins the battle against Team AFO. His quirk will be really useful if used strategically. Have him call AFO a rat bastard in All Might’s voice. That’ll guarantee AFO responds and gets brainwashed.

Witness the power of UPS Express Delivery!
Hey, now, you’re an all-star, get your game on, go play

Hm… I wonder if Gang Orca can disrupt AFO’s Infrared quirk? If so, he’s gonna be fighting Mr. Demon Lord along with…Endeavor? I mean, it’d be a waste having the number one hero fighting Dabi. Son or not, Endeavor needs to go where he’s most needed, and that’s either fighting AFO or Shigaraki. Guess it’s up to Shoto and Wash to take down Dabi.

I still think Mirio’s fighting Shigaraki along with Deku and Bakugo, and no one can tell me otherwise. Well, except for Horikoshi.

Shinso loves shopping at Forever Konoha 21

This was a good chapter! A nice shout out to Monoma and Shinso who will probably get overshadowed by everyone else in the coming chapters. We also learn Aizawa’s Erasure quirk is useless with only one eye. There goes his hero career. Thank goodness he has teaching to fall back on. And if that doesn’t work out…Onlyfans.

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2 replies on “I Know Why the Caged Villain Sings [My Hero Academia 344]”

This- combined with that OLD idea of Monoma copying One For All and getting the “Stockpile/Quirk taking” power of One For All- makes me feel like Monoma could have been much more in the story(tying into his desire to become a “Main Character”).
But that line of thinking is making start to really resent the story. I guess I need to stop thinking about what this story “Could Have Been,” and focus on “What It Is Now.” Which makes my stomach hurt even MORE………..
Shinso’s advancement with his quirk is telling of what he’s had to do. He must have been practicing that every moment he could. It may have gotten more people thinking it’s the quirk of a Villain, but I think he just showed himself to be one of the “Lynchpins” in saving the world!
I honestly could not say how this is going to go other than the obvious ones. And even then, like you said: Endeavor could either “Fix His Mistake” or “Choose Work Over Family.” But hasn’t he ALWAYS chosen the latter- which lead to this whole situation in the FIRST PLACE? Yeah; he might have to put his “family first” this time.
Mirko with a robot arm- I didn’t know I needed to see an @$$-kicking Bunny Girl with a machine appendage before I died. I’m glad I did. And I hope she plays some kind of important role in all of this. She was the FIRST to sense the looming Danger of what “Tomura Shigaraki” has become. And at this point no one’s feeling “The Press Of Death” around either All For Sticking-Around-Longer-Than-He-Should, so they aren’t afraid.
But if someone like MIRKO had said that she “didn’t want to fight that thing,” then that would have told you that He/It/They are/is still a very prominent threat.
A fine chapter all around.

Good point on focusing on the now and not could-have-been. But it hard thinking about the vast potienial this series has. I’m not just talking about where I think the series could go, but seeing move of this world in general.

That’s my biggest problem: I want more! Seems like everything I say goes back to this series hitting it’s final arc too soon. It’s infecting my enjoyment. If I hate the ending, I’ll complain it should’ve had more arc. I love the ending, I’ll complain it should’ve had more arcs. There’s no winning this.

But, yeah, I’m gonna try to enjoy the series as much as I can.

At least there’s room for things to go in just about any direction from here on out.

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