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The Hero Naruhata Deserves [My Hero Vigilantes 121]

Haters gonna hate.

Jealousy. That’s what it comes down to. This entire battle is happening simply because Number Six is jealousy of our boy, Koichi. Witnessing firsthand Naruhata’s love of The Crawler sent No. 6 over the edge. Now, everyone’s a target! All of Naruhata’s doomed if No. 6 isn’t stopped.

So many minor characters making cameos! I can’t even place them all. There’s previously seen citizens, former instant villains, and others cheering our favorite vigilante on. Hey! It’s faux Rocksteady and Bebop! And, isn’t that little kid the same one helped by Koichi and Aizawa right before Eraser Head’s flashback? Well, it’s been a couple years, so maybe not. I don’t know. All I know is the town is giving Koichi their full support.

Forget Number Six. Koichi’s gonna die from Eraser Head yanking his injured body around like a rag doll.
Endeavor’s referring to himself in third person again. Redgeek’s scared things have gone from bad to worse.

Well, hello there, Sensoji AKA Mister Blaster. Good seeing Aizawa’s former U.A. classmate again. Wouldn’t be cool if he showed up in the main series? Throw us a bone, Horikoshi!

I was hoping Mirko would show up, but after seeing Endeavor arrive, the only other hero that’ll make a grander appearance is All Might. So, is the number one hero saving the day? I hope not. Look, I love All Might, but I’d rather have Number Six defeated by a team effort than All Might simply jumping in, farting on Six, then leaving. Not sure what Endeavor’s gonna do against a plasma monster, though, but I definitely can’t wait to find out.

It’s heartwarming seeing everyone cheer on Koichi. Wait? Is that freakin’ Jelly Jiggler from Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo?

This was a great chapter! I love Naruhata locals supporting Koichi, Aizawa and Koichi’s friendship, and Number 6 going into mental meltdown, again. That guy really needs to calm down. Ever tried yoga, No. 6? It’ll give you more energy, help you sleep, and lower your high blood pressure. Well, maybe not that last part because you literally don’t have a heart anymore, but you get what I’m trying to say.

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2 replies on “The Hero Naruhata Deserves [My Hero Vigilantes 121]”

You watched “Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo,” too? I watched that show when I was younger- It was RIDICULOUS. Like; GENUINELY did not know what to expect from episode to episode. I still chuckle thinking about it to this day.
This battle is pretty drawn out- in a good way. It’s giving the ending time to form, and like you said- it should be a team effort. The main series is going to have Tomura/All For One go down because of teamwork, too, but I feel this more like the first war arc.
That arc was SO GOOD with its constant “Back And Forth” behavior- culminating in BOTH sides taking a hit leading into this. Here; it’s more like everyone’s gonna have a role in stopping No 6. Main Series: Everyone’s gonna get off some heavy damage on Tomura before Izuku comes in and takes advantage of it all- with Aizawa providing support. 6 goes down to collaboration- All For One/Tomura to cumulative effort.
I kind of like how “contained” this is; it’s not like it’s the fate of the world or anything- they’re just trying to save a town. At the end of the day; this isn’t even Endeavor’s biggest job. And for All Might- “just Another Day.” But for the characters IN said town; it means EVERYTHING.

Number 6 isn’t a world ender, but him trashing the town is the biggest thing that’s happened in this series minus the Sky Egg. It’s a threat that makes sense storywise.

To me, what MHV has that MHA doesn’t is I care very much what happens to the main characters because there’s a geniune fear one or all of them could die. All three are knocking on Death’s door. I can tell the creators are intentionally do so to ramp up the suspense and it’s working! That’s not to say I think Koichi will die, buuuuut he’s never been shown in the main series. It’s unlikely he’ll die, but the possibity is there.

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