F*ck You Ever After! (X-Men Gold #30)

X-Men Gold (2017-) 030-000
Where’s Gold Balls? Geez, he always gets snubbed.

Seriously, what the hell, comic?

‘Cause if you liked it, then you should have put a ring on it! Warning: Spoilers Galore!

Here I am reading X-Men Gold issue thirty, the wedding issue between Colossus and Shadowcat aka Pieter and Kitty and… and…

X-Men Gold (2017-) 030-006
That’s not fair! You can’t smile and drink booze from a bottle at the same time. What? You can? I got more practicing to do. Get me another!

I was having such a fun time. Not like I wasn’t expecting much. Your classic fluffy wedding issue complete with cameos and crying and full page spreads. And that’s what I got. Every page, every scene full of that X-Men family love I come back for time and again. It was grand. Even got Logan showing up for a hot second (I thought he was dead!). Well, that all came to a halt when at the moment of truth, Kitty Pride got cold feet.


You motherfucking X-Staff couldn’t let them have their day. Couldn’t let them be happy together. Couldn’t go one damn issue without some uber drama. FUCK YOU X-STAFF! FUCK YOU RIGHT UP YOUR—

…oh. Oh. Oooooooh! Well, that’s a surprise. That’s even better actually. That’s right, folks. Just when I was about to set my issue on fire, Gambit proposed to Rogue, and she accepted! They’re married! Talk about a twist. Bravo, comic. Bravo!

X-Men Gold (2017-) 030-003
…we got shippers to disappoint.

You still get demerits for Kitty getting cold feet. That was and is total bullshit. Yeah, she and Pieter both been through a lot of crap, but she knew that and she still asked HIM to marry HER. Come on! Kitty should know being an X-Men is nuts and getting married means dealing with the crazy cosmic, alien, supervillain, infinity stone crap as a couple. Nothings changed. You have to accept your life will be insane but now you have someone to love you and help you through the madness. It’s a great twist, but the way we got there sucks. Well, at least I got to see Lockheed again. Love that guy.

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