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Emperor of the Sea Kaido VS An Idiot [One Piece 923]

“VS”. Yeah, right. Kaido has more trouble opening a bottle of mayonnaise.

Dead girls and the dirty ground When I know you’re not around

We still don’t know how Nami and friends survived Kaido’s attack, but who cares right now? Poor Tama got beatdown. Don’t you just hate it when the best day of your life turns out the be the worst, or even your last?

Okay, let’s talk about the main part of the chapter: Luffy getting steamrolled. Kaido didn’t just one shot Luffy, he made sure to do so after he did his strongest attack! He allowed Luffy to go hog wild just to crush his spirit into pieces. Did I mention he tanked Luffy’s attacks without using armament haki? Yeah. Kaido’s just that freaking tough. And, that, ladies and gentlemen, is the problem.

Where were you when Luffy made the dumbest mistake of his life?

If Luffy got taken down without using Kong Organ Gun, I’m sure he’d bounce back and try again (after healing, of course), but Kaido changed the game. This ain’t Crocodile, or Lucci, or Doflamingo. Luffy went all out on an opponent who didn’t defend himself and still lost. How can Luffy recover from that?

Maybe Captain Kidd will help in some way. Or, not. Luffy’s been KO’d, so either he gets a one way trip to a cell beside Kidd, or Law saves him. Problem is… Kaido’s there. He hates Luffy and Law, so the odds of the Emperor letting them get away aren’t looking good. Either way, Luffy’s gonna be out of commission for a while.

The only way this could be any more humiliating is if Kaido swung his dick instead of the club.

It’s a hard lesson, but at least Luffy knows he has to improve AND work with his allies if he wants to win. Awakening his gum gum fruit? Getting Kidd on their side? Coming up with a new Gear 4 attack? Yes. Yes. And, yes! Luffy needs to accomplish all of that and more to beat Kaido. Maybe Luffy should’ve eaten the luck luck fruit instead.


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