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Pretty Girls Never Die [One Piece 933]

Komurasaki ain’t dead. Either she or Kyoshiro used their devil fruit.

420 Land? Something tells me the original request wanted Enel blowing out smoke. But, at least, Oda kept in the part about him getting high.

We got confirmation Kyoshiro is part of the resistance. He’s doing that whole I’m an asshole but not when it counts thing Komurasaki and so many others have done. Wonder if he’s one of the nine samurai that’ll take down Team Kaido. Well, of course, he is. Oda’s not building him up for nothing. Besides, The Luffy Alliance needs someone with inside information on their side.

We also get confirmation Shogun Orochi has a mythical snake-snake fruit. No surprise there. I do want to note how Orochi took his frustrations out on others at the party, not Komurasaki. Found that interesting. If my Kyoshiro x Komurasaki theory is true and Orochi finds out, that could send him in super rage mode. Sticking a pin in that one for now.

Oda’s Worst Nightmare

The Strawhats and Shinobu escape with Toko thanks to Nami using Zeus. Makes me wonder if seeing Zeus will jog Big Mom’s memory. The ball buster joke was funny, but once again, Oda shows his disdain for fat girls. Avida. Big Mom. Shinobu. Doesn’t matter how gorgeous you are skinny, if you get fat, you’re ugly. Damn, Oda, did a big girl shoot your dog or what?

 Call 1-800-555-2368. They’re ready to believe you!

We end the chapter with Team Chopper and Big Mom, who are now friends. Chopper, in a surprisingly smart move, points Big Mom at Udon under the guise there’s good food there. But, we all know Udon’s where Luffy and the rest of Kaido’s prisoners are. Oh ho ho! Brillant idea, Chopper! Big Mom would make the perfect distraction allowing Luffy (and Kid) to escape. Who knew Chopper would actually do something important other than healing folks? You, sir, are today’s MVP.

Yes. There will never be another Nami clone as pretty as her.

This was an okay chapter. Probably not one I’ll ever revisit again, but at least the plot is moving forward. Yeah, I mention the plot moving forward all the time now, but its something I don’t want to take for granted. Plenty of manga series spin their plot development wheels or barely inch it forward every chapter. I’m grateful Oda is keeping things moving. Just… stop hating on big girls. I promise they won’t bite. Unless you’re into that sorta thing. No kink shaming here.

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