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I’m Not Mad… [One Piece 973]

Oden is really O-Dead. But, O-da just can’t stop not O-mitting him. O-Damn it!

This is why they hate each other? I’ve seen better reasons to fight at preschool playgrounds.

That was a nice scene with the Roger Pirates floating down from Sky Island, even if I had to see him again.

Anyone else feels like we’re missing pieces of this chapter? For example, we barely got any of Kaido’s Generals/Lead Performers/Assistant Producers. Oh, well, what can I say. The whole burning of Kozuki Castle, just like most of this flashback, was rushed.

Proof that alcohol kills brain cells.

I forgot Momonosuke met Kaido. It’s why he’s afraid of dragons, after all. That scene between those two was odd. Mostly because Kaido didn’t murder him. Wasn’t that the whole point of taking out the Kozuki Vassals? To prevent them from saving Oden’s kids? Well, his son specifically. Who cares about Hiyori. She’s a girl and girls can’t be a threat, right?

And, if Kaido not immediately crushing Momonosuke into Wano powder wasn’t weird enough, we see what happens to Denjiro. He basically hulks out. But, instead of turning into a green giant, his anger morphs him into…Kyoshiro. Um, sure. I’ve seen weirder stuff in One Piece. It’s kinda Oda’s thing. But, why?

Denjiro learns E3 2020 is canceled.

This was a decent chapter. It wrapped up Oden’s flashback and set us on track to return to the present time. A present where Kozuki Oden is long dead.

I really don’t hate Oden, y’all. I just don’t think he’s all that great a character. Him and Toki. Now, that’s a character I’m disappointed in if ever. Such an interesting devil fruit power and story barely hinted at. Guess, I’ll have to see what Oda does with her during the Void Century flashback we’ll eventually get. Until then, I won’t be mad. I’ll just be very very very disappointed.



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