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Homies Over Hoes [One Piece 1009]

Look out, Big Mom! It’s a trap! Oh, well. Hope you can swim. You can’t? Uh-oh…

It was a good plan. Separate Big Mom from her three homies, then throw her off the dome. Simple, yet effective. But will she fall into the sea and die? I’d say at least half of that question is possible. Sure, she may fall into waters below, but her kids will probably save her.

Franky’s clothes say Cyborg Hentai. Zoro’s says Three Swords. I bet Jimbei’s says Heavy Stud.

Orochi’s dead…again. You can stop chopping off his head, Oda. We already know hydras don’t die from that. Maybe third times the charm? Nah! I doubt it. But I do wonder how Orochi plans on escaping Onigashima. I guess he doesn’t know it’s flying. Whoopsie!

Ouch! Right in the rubber stones.

Zoro’s cutting fire like a pro now. And he even blocked Kaido and Big Mom’s combo attack. Wow! I’m glad he’s getting more of the spotlight during the fight while he can.

This was a—wait! Is that all that’s worth talking about this chapter? Hmm… Kaido dodged Luffy’s attack, so I guess that means Luffy’s right in both Emperors are slowly but surely taking damage. Okay.

What else? Um… Law can’t move Kaido and Big Mom because they’re haki’s too strong. Nice bit of trivia there. Also, no Nico Robin, so screw you Mr. Oda-sensei.

Raise your hand if you give two craps about this fight, then jump off a cliff.

This was a good chapter! The ending saved it from just being okay. Knocking Big Mom off the dome by taking down her homies first was brilliant. Good job, team! Here you go. Free cookies all around! Hope you like oatmeal raisin because I ate all the chocolate chip ones. Sorry.

By Redgeek

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3 replies on “Homies Over Hoes [One Piece 1009]”

It’s gonna be interesting seeing how these guys take it to Kaido. Between Kid’s skull being crushed somewhat and Zoro half dead(and Luffy being in a similar condition); they’ll be going into this fight exhausted and beat to sh!t.
I think that Onigashima might just be over the mainland- based on that mountain they passed earlier. So she might just become a meteor that hits the Eart and cause mass extinction. JK; Kaido plans on doing that with Onigashima!

Whatever happens, I doubt she’s dying but Kaido has always been the main goal of this arc. He’s the one that has to go down. I can see the Akazaya Nine helping Luffy (Or, at least the ones who make it back to the dome top). Yamato too.

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