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The Reports Of My Death Have Been Greatly Exaggerated [One Piece 1015]

Luffy gained Wifi Haki. Cool, but he still needs a Gum-Gum VPN if he doesn’t want the World Government knowing his browser history.

So it was Luffy calling Momonosuke, not Seakings. Okay. Law’s submarine saves Luffy’s butt once again. The Heart Pirates should start an Uber service with that thing. He’d be the richest pirate in the Grandline just from charging Luffy alone.

That takes care of the rubber man, but what about Momonosuke and Shinobu? They’re falling now too (How long has it’s been since Shinobu used her devil fruit power? I forgot she had one.)! No problem. Momo can fly in his beast dragon form and Shinobu can ninja glide.

The smokers meet at last. Last one to get chronic bronchitis wins.

And with Kaido distracted by Yamato, nows the perfect time for them to make their escape. Yamato VS Kaido. It’s been a semi-long time coming. I’m jazzed about it. But that also means we’re probably getting flashbacks of their past and current relationship. The Wano Hater™ in me is not happy about this arc lasting even longer but what can I do? Stop reading until the Wano Arc ends? Hahahahaha! ……Could I? I’ve been reading One Piece “weekly” for over a decade. I never considered it until now…

Just like 80’s reboots.

Noooo. The Wano Arc isn’t that bad. I can keep going, just like Zeus. Yep, it finally happened. Zeus merged with Nami’s climate baton, instantly making him a permanent part of Nami’s arsenal going forward. It’s the upgrade we all knew was coming but very much welcomed.

Nice of Oda reminding us of Tama’s dumpling plan. Guess I’ll start the clock on that. I give it about 10 to 15 chapters before Operation Dumpling’s fully realized.

Sanji VS Queen is a go! Let’s see where that goes. By the way, I love Sanji’s interaction with Chopper. Chopper really is the little brother of the crew and I love how it shows with everyone, even the Straw Hat Pirates’ chef.

Law and Kid VS Big Mom. Yeah, we knew it was coming. Can they win? Depends. It’s possible but I’m thinking they’ll get some help at some point. Or maybe not. …Hmm? If Luffy beats Kaido, then his rivals need to keep up with his feats. Law and Kid beating Big Mom could be how that happens.

So rude. See, Kaido? This is what happens when you let kids watch Robot Chicken.

This was a good chapter! I liked the announcement and Sanji the most. Queen comes in next, but he’s always a treat to see. Am I forgetting something? Oh, yeah! Kin’emon’s dead. I think. It’d be a good way for him to go out but this is One Piece. Oda keeps his death cards close. And if anyone in the Akazaya Nine has enough plot armor to survive this arc, it’s Kin’emon. And Frog Mary. Don’t sleep on Frog Mary, it’s gonna be the next breakout character. You heard it here first.

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4 replies on “The Reports Of My Death Have Been Greatly Exaggerated [One Piece 1015]”

1. What could Monkey D Luffy POSSIBLY have on his search history(assuming he’d even know how to use the internet)?
2. Yeah; Momo and Shinobu are gonna be okay. Especially when you consider that the Mainland Wano is finally underneath them.
3. Are we gonna get a super long flashback, or Yamato’s Devil fruit revealed and lead INTO a flashback?
4. SANJI VS QUEEN AT LAST!!! Let’s hope we get to see it fully…..unlike a few other fights that we’ve only seen in little bits each time.
5. Zeus in Nami’s Clima-tact……Yeah; that’ll work. I wonder how strong she’ll be now?
6. I just FEEL like Kin’s not dead because of Oda’s track record. But with Kanjuro and Kiku now OFFICIALLY dead…….It’s starting to look like this battle is it for Kin’emon.
7. Tama’s Plan Timer: Less than 10; more than 3. And that’s being conservative.
8. It IS kind of important for Law and Kid to beat Big Mom. Not just to make sure they keep up with Luffy, but also to help out their own reputations. Luff defeating Kaido means MONUMENTAL Bounty increase. Kid and Law defeating Big Mom together means splitting the difference.

Luffy search history? Meat, of course. It may be useless but privacy’s privacy.

Yamato with a devil fruit? Hmm, I havent thought much about it. If it’s a mythical beast, I’d make sense but I have no idea what he could be. Nine tail fox?

I assume Zeus is way weaker than his cloud form but still strong enough to be an upgrade. How powerful? Depends on Oda. For all we know this could be Nami’s last upgrade of the series. There’s a lot Oda can do with this development.

Splitting the difference on beating an Emperor is still an amazing feat. Either way, they’ll be infamous than ever if they can take down Big Mom.

Katarina Devon of the Blackbeard Pirates has the 9 Tailed Fox Devil fruit. I hear people throwing out the idea of a “White Tiger” because in Japanese Mythologies; Tigers and Dragon’s are natural enemies. Or it could be an Ancient Zoan or something.

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