Manga One Piece

Jimbei and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Racist Sabretooth Tiger [One Piece 1018]

On a pirate lead island whose headquarters were spacious
Lived a sabertooth tiger man who said things quite racist.
Who’s Who is his alias, he listens to goombay.
He hated a fish-man whose friends called him Jimbei.

Jimbei joined the Straw Hats, his Sun Pirates days past
Who’s who hated Luffy because Shanks kicked his ass.
He’s taking it out on Jimbei, his breath like paprika
Who’s Who wants to know if fish daddy heard of Nika.

A laughing sun god, Joy Boy, a tendency of D’s smiling in the face of danger. Gee, I wonder if there’s a connection? …Nah!

You see, Nika is a Sun God, worshipped by some dude
Who was disappeared by the World Government, methinks that is rude.
Knowledge of a Sun God, the World Government wants to keep mystery
My guess is it has something to do with the long lost Void Century

Jimbei smashed that p*ssy so hard Viz had to upload the chapter to OnlyFans

The racist sabertooth wanted to pick Jimbei’s brain
To see if he knew about Nika. Oh, my! How lame.
In response, the heroic fish-man put Mr. Kitty in his place
By performing a secret martial arts move on Who’s Who’s dumb face.

If he somehow survived, he’ll still be full of dread
Because CP0 will show up to make sure he’s ultra dead.
So Goodbye mean Who’s Who, you racist horned bastard
Next on Jimbei’s kill list: Tama the slave master.

Zeus x Nami, the only canon Straw Hat couple

This chapter was good, mostly because of the fight
And the classified info was also quite nice.
That’s three Tobi Roppo down, a mere two more to go
I hope next we see Robin, the archaeologist pro.

I swear Oda if we don’t, I’ll fly to Japan
And…um…eat nachos on toast both cooked…in a pan?

Ack! I was so close!!!

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