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Diary Of A Mad Wano Woman [One Piece 1041]

They say “love is pain”. So is a ceiling falling on your head.

Komurasaki AKA Hiyori’s got Shogun Orochi right where she wants him: Under rubble in a burning building. Is there anyone left to save that snake? Is Kanjuro still alive? Who knows, I just want Orochi dead already. He’s done way too much harm to not get his butt kicked. Will he die? Not sure. Oda holds the death card close to his chest. There may be a cover story in Orochi’s future. If not, then see ya, Hydra-head!

Don’t be mad, Orochi. Game respects game.
Zunesha’s been itching to fight ever since buying a Glock from some shady guy in a parking lot

The Five Elders want Luffy dead! They’re really low-key hyping up Luffy’s Gum-Gum fruit. Will his rubber awakening be that awesome? Guess so. Hmm… Could the Gum-Gum fruit’s previous user had been Joyboy? Seems like the Elders know full well what a fully unlocked Gum-Gum can do. No doubt it’s linked to the Void Century in some future backstory-ish way.

Raizo won his fight. Moving on…

Od*n tore out the secrets of Laugh Tale from his journal. No surprise there. So, will Momonosuke open Wano’s borders? Of course he will! Sure, it’s dangerous, but it’s worth the risk in the long run for the future of his people. Seriously, the citizens of Wano are tired of buying expensive Nintendo Switches on the black market. Open your borders and put them in legit retail stores, darn it!

Luffy’s the most aggressive Uber driver in the New World

This was an okay chapter! Lots of scene jumping, but I enjoyed every one. Hey! Even the Raizo part had Jinbe, making it an automatic win. Is Izo dead? Probably not. Marco will patch him up. Must be nice having a doctor friend. Enjoy your mountain of subscribed medical marijuana, Izo.

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