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Young, Fun, And Full Of…Commitment [One Piece 1051]

Dictatorships are fine if the person in charge is nice.

Maybe you should give democracy a shot, Wano? …No? Okay then. Welcome, Shogun Momonosuke, Wano’s newest unelected leader! According to the Oda Boxes, Momo will become known around the world. Safe to say Wano’s borders are opening, eventually. Does it also mean Wano’s joining the World Government? I’m thinking no and yes.

Momonsuke’s first trial as Shogun is cleaning out Orochi’s room. Just…don’t look in his closet.

I can see Wano joining the World Government 2.0 at the end of the series. You know, after the final war where Im, the Elder Stars, and Celestial Dragons get the boot. A new and improved global government spearheaded by Wano, Alabasta, and every other country Luffy saved will probably take its place. Well, that’s my theory, anyway.

Yamato’s official role? Captain of the Straw Hats baseball team, of course.

Speaking of theories, my Tama Is Hiyori and Denjiro’s Daughter Theory is as dead as Tama’s actual parents. Really thought I had something there. Now, what Tama actually has are slaves—erm—servants still under her devil fruit power. They’re gonna come in handy defending Wano once the Straw Hats leave the country. Not to mention helping rebuild to its former glory. Well, considering they all worked for Kaido, I’m not losing sleep over them possibly undoing a bit of the horrific damage they’re responsible for. When Tama’s power wears off, they can screw off, or not. I don’t care either way.

Think it’s safe to say Yamato is 99.99% joining the Straw Hat Crew. Yes! I’m fine with it. He’s different enough what with being a samurai, ogre, and having a dream to leave the country and follow in Oden’s footsteps (Yeah, I’m not censoring Oden anymore. Still don’t care about him, but the arc is almost over.) And what did Oden do? Travel to Laugh Tale as part of the King of the Pirates’ crew. Yamato also has a unique look (for having a young female body in One Piece), fighting style (including devil fruit), and is strong enough to hold his own against most enemies. If that’s not Straw Hat material, I don’t know what is!

Speed joins the highly regarded MILFs of One Piece

This was a good chapter. I like Momo’s speech and all, but I only really cared about the Straw Hat scenes. That’s my bread and butter, baby. Hmm…I wonder if Orochi’s really dead? Nah! I doubt it! He’s probably getting a cover story at some point. Ugh! Let’s just hope it ends with Zunesha shoving him up its butt. How’s that for opening borders?

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3 replies on “Young, Fun, And Full Of…Commitment [One Piece 1051]”

Tama may not be a Kozuki, but she may still be a Kurozumi!! Though I’m not gonna hold out for that one, either.
Yamato is joining- this pretty much seals it…….. then it turns out he doesn’t, Hahaha. No, but seriously; he’s a Straw hat now. Role? Scribe; probably gonna catalog the journey from here. Also combatant. Primarily combatant, I would guess.
I wonder how soon they plan to pay off that Oda box?

I’d say the world will learn most, if not, all of what happened at Wano thanks to Apoo. He’ll start blabbing the second he leaves to Morgans. The Age of the WG being able to cover up the SHs exploits are over. Maybe they can manipulate the info but not fully cover it up.

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