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When Trees Attack [One Piece 1054]

Well, Oda said we’re headed for the endgame. He’s not joking.

Sabo, the Flame Emperor of the Revolutionaries. Nice. Countries are breaking free from World Government rule, causing quite the crisis for those in charge. Where could this lead? What will the Elder Stars do when backed into a corner? Nothing good, I’ll tell you that! Hmm… Maybe this is where Vegapunk and whatever weapons/devil fruits he cooked up come in?

Sabo killed Cobra Commander—erm—King Cobra? No way! My guess is Im’s forces (the Holy Knights?) tried capturing Vivi, and Cobra got caught in the crossfire. Sabo probably saved Vivi, and she’s lying low with the Revolutionaries. And thank goodness Kuma was saved! I wonder if Jewelry Bonney’s hanging with Team Sabo too? That could be her overall role in the series, helping the Revolutionaries take down the World Government. No telling how old she really is. Bonney may have some intel essential to destroying the current establishment.

Senator Mitch McConnell’s a devil fruit user?!
And to think all of this started because of high inflation

This chapter also helps explain why Buggy’s an Emperor. His pirate dispatch organization is probably still in effect, lending his powerful underlings to any group with enough money to hire them. Helping countries fight against the World Government and winning? No wonder he’s one of the most dangerous pirates right now!

How will the samurai defeat Admiral Ryokugyu? And why did Momonosuke stop Yamato? Does he think a clash between the two will alert Luffy? In any case, Ryokugyu is too douchey to back off. He’s gotta get kicked out of Wano.

Maybe that’s where Shanks comes in? He’s going after One Piece. Why now? I doubt the current world situation is just a coincidence. The guy knows more about the world than we think. He certainly seems to have known the true identity of the Gum-Gum fruit. Anyway, if Shanks wants One Piece, he needs Wano’s Poneglyph. That could put him in smack dab in Ryokugyu’s path. Team Shanks is already near Wano, may as well grab what they need and go.

Oh crap! Shanks is gonna do something. We really are in the endgame!

This was a great chapter! One Piece world-building at its best. Could this be the beginning of the end for the World Government? Probably, but expect them to go down fighting. It ain’t over yet! Sabo, representing the strength of revolution. Vivi, the future diplomatic side? Man, Daddy D. Dragon needs to get up off his windy butt and do something. These youngsters to making him look bad.

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5 replies on “When Trees Attack [One Piece 1054]”

If it’s time for Shanks to moves, then Dragon’s move is coming soon. And if you’re right about Vivi being with the Revolutionaries, then I think when they now have the entire country of Alabasta backing them. New Base and Army Acquired!!
Will it be Blackbeard first? Or Shanks? Or heck; even Akainu? Im I feel will be the LAST Big enemy, but who will be the one gate keeping the One Piece from Luffy? And out of those 3; who will be the next Big Antagonist Luffy has to knock out?
And how does Shanks know so much? He didn’t go to Laugh Tale! And Rayleigh told the Straw Hat’s that it’s “something you have to See to make up your mind on,” so I doubt he’d just “tell” Shanks and Buggy what it is. There’s the Poneglyphs they had to……… Oh; he probably doesn’t NEED need to get to them all, huh? Probably still has the copies from when they went after it the first time……..
Post-Wano, here we go!!!

Alabasta being the new Revolutionary base sounds cool!

I see Blackbeard as the final antagonist. He’s Luffy’s most dangerous rival, has got multiple devil fruit powers and he and his crew are basically the Anti-Straw Hats. I also think Oda went with Gear 5 being white to contrast Blackbeard’s darkness fruit. Wouldn’t be surprised if Blackbeard’s fruit is also a “God” fruit.

Shanks having Roger’s copies seems like a copout. Oda has big plans for the character but I wonder how his personal story will end. He’s such a wildcard, I can’t wait to see what he does next.

Definitely Blackbeard, Im, or Akainu as the final villain(with all you said; it might definitely end up being Blackbeard), but I mean: Shanks is Luffy’s “Benchmark.” When he’s surpassed him- as a Pirate, a Captain, and a man- he can become the King. I have this same debate with my brothers all the time; I figure Shanks will be at Laugh Tale and Luffy will have to fight to get passed him to get the One Piece. They, like you, think it’ll be Blackbeard. And that would also work. But out of those 3; who’s gets punched after Kaido?
I hear that theory a lot, too; Blackbeard’s fruit also being a Mythical. Though that was around even before Luffy’s got re-typed. It’d be interesting, and I think there’s enough foreshadowing to make it possible. There’s honestly no evidence AGAINST it, either. So….. maybe.
I saw a video once pointing out Blackbeard and Luffy’s similarities, and how Teech has that “Liberation” technique. And that Luffy now being the “Warrior Of Liberation” was the parallel there. It’s stuff like that that makes this series so cool!!
It may be a bit of a copout, but I’m just wondering what happened to them. I guess they could have burned them, huh?

I’m not sure if Luffy will fight Shanks or Akainu. Blackbeard’s a given for me, but I never saw Luffy having to defeat Shanks in a fight to surpass him.

Actually, I’m thinking it’s more likely Blackbeard will take down Shanks. Especially now with Shanks trying to get One Piece. If Luffy VS Blackbeard is the ultimate fight Oda’s going for, then Shanks is gonna be someone’s speed bump. Either Luffy or Blackbeard, but I’m guessing is ole Marshall D. taking him out.

As for Akainu… Sabo. Luffy or Sabo beating him is fine, but I won’t be surprised if Oda let’s Sabo take revenge for Akainu killing Ace. Plus, he’s the popular Revolutionary hero. Him going up against the Navy Fleet Admiral makes sense to me.

Who gets punched first? No sure. My guess is Blackbeard’s the final villain. And I don’t know if Im’s a fighter, so I’d say Akainu.

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