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Buggy The Pimp [One Piece 1056]

Sir Crocodile and Mihawk better get clown daddy his money.

Or not. No doubt Crocodile and Mihawk are using Buggy for their own ends. Why should they take all the heat from the Navy when they can pretend to follow Buggy the Meat Shield? There may even be more to it than that, but we’ll have to wait and see.

You could say Buggy’s Cross Guild placing bounties on Navy personnel is a pimp move. Buggy actively going against the Navy, and by extension the World Government, in the current revolution climate definitely helped earn his Emperor status along with filling his crew with powerhouses. The Clown Prince of Sea Crime’s a fool, but he’s ain’t stupid.

Infamous supergroup Cross Guild’s latest rap album cover

Caribou’s still a creep. Doesn’t he know “snitches get haki stitches”? So, are we all in agreement Blackbeard’s the “certain someone” Caribou’s talking about? It sure as hell ain’t Shanks or A Pimp Named Buggy. And no one else is worth Oda being so vague about it, so that’s that. Not to mention, Blackbeard has Whitebeard’s quake-quake powers. Knocking down Wano’s rocky barrier and stealing the ancient weapon shouldn’t pose a problem. Now that I think about, if the Blackbeard Pirates are truly the Anti-Straw Hats, they’ll need a formable ship to compete with the Thousand Sunny. Guess that’s where Pluton comes in!

Tama will be a teenage ninja when she meets Luffy again. By that time, a mutant turtle would have already joined the crew, making them unstoppable.

Carrot’s the new King of Zou! And here I thought she was joining the Straw— HAHAHAHAHA!!!!! Sorry. Thought I could make it through that without laughing. Of course, Carrot wasn’t joining. What does she have to contribute besides a cool design and a once a month power-up? Takes more than that to be a Straw Hat. Like, for example, a personality?! Sorry fellow furry fans, but this carrot’s going back to the garden.

Oda’s really pounding in the New Era talk, huh? Both Wano and Zou are led by the next generation. Luffy’s part of the new generation. We get it, Oda. The world’s changing. Just don’t go full Logan’s Run on us, okay?

Why didn’t Kin’emon and Momonosuke get a goodbye? Maybe since the two have been with the Straw Hats for so long, Luffy didn’t want a mushy goodbye? Well, it’s gonna happen anyway. Momo and Kin will see Yamato officially join the crew and it’s gonna get emotional. Get your tissues ready.

You mean be an overrated, hyper-masculine character who got to be both a bad boy and noble because he’s just that darn perfect? You can do better, Yamato.

This was a great chapter! Wano’s wrapping up, seeing Luffy with his rivals is always fun, and we get more info on the smoothest Emperor in One Piece. Who’s The Man With The Burn Scar? Guess he’s the key to finding the fourth and final Road Ponegliff. Who could it be? Probably a giant. Hmm… Shaq! Silly, Eustass! That wasn’t a burn mark. It was just barbeque sauce he got on his face from eating lunch.

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